Book 1

Ember of Night

by Molly E. Lee

Published 4 May 2021
Harley Locke is no stranger to darkness, but when the irresistibly hot and broody new guy crashes into her world, she isn't sure she'll survive him.

She has one year before she can take her kid-sister and escape their volatile home life, and she'll do anything to protect her-including accepting her supernatural heritage that has every demon in Chicago chomping after her rare blood.

Draven Reid has spent the better part of a century searching for the Key to opening the Gates of Hell so he can rescue his wrongfully imprisoned twin brother, and he's prepared to shed blood to do it. But soon the person he's prepared his whole life to kill turns out to be the one person who makes him feel alive.

Dodging an abusive father, demons prepared to drain her dry, and a newly formed love that may be the death of her, Harley will have to decide on her own what's worth saving: the world that has done nothing but chew her up and spit her out, or the boy whose stolen her heart, but has a blade with her name on it.

Book 2

Shadow of Light

by Molly E. Lee

Published 30 November 2021
Hell is no trip to Disneyland, but even Harley isn't prepared for what she meets in each new circle.

With Draven's twin brother at her side, she takes each new horror face on. Fear isn't new to her, but the things that slither in this darkness may just ruin her in the end.

The clock is ticking as they try to locate the ancient artifact that will strengthen her powers and help her vanquish the Twelve Greater Demons now wreaking havoc on the world above. The ones she let free in order to save Draven's life. Now he's somewhere in this Hell, and if she doesn't find him or the artifact, she'll have succeeded in being the best Antichrist ever-and the world will pay for her choices.

With each new obstacle, she and Raiden grow closer, her soul torn in two as they search for his brother.

Each step gained feels like two steps back in this hell-hole, but the deeper they go, the more she feels her powers grow. The world above is at stake, but down here? Nothing is as it seems.

With Raiden at her side, Draven in her heart, and an artifact that will decide her fate, Harley will have to face every dark piece of her soul in order to get them all out of there alive.

Book 3

Spark of Ash

by Molly E. Lee

Published 24 May 2022
The Seven-the Divine beings meant to protect the world-just declared war. On Harley. They took Ray, her baby sister, and they're using her boyfriend, Draven, to do their dirty work.

But she's not about to stand for that.

She may not be able to wipe them off the face of the earth right now, but she knows what can.

Thanks to an Ather connection, she's found out about the Seven Scrolls. An ancient incantation made by the Creator to counteract the Seven's great power, scattered into pieces across the world.

With the help of her new crew, Harley's on the hunt. And with each located scroll, she faces new battles, bloodier and harder than she's ever known before. But now the stakes are even higher, because Ray has always been her bright light in the darkness, and Draven is her hope when all seems lost-so what's left if she doesn't get them back?

Harley will become the scariest legend the world has ever known.