Book 1

The Fiery Arrow

by Bo Burnette

Published 13 December 2016

A newborn medieval country. A bow-shooting princess with a prophesied destiny. A sword-wielding carpenter’s apprentice.

It’s been twelve years since the volcano drove young Arliss and her clan of Reinhold from their island home. Now, things are changing in their newfound kingdom.

Princess Arliss is almost sixteen. Her father, King Kenton, urges her to take more responsibility—and to find a young man to carry on the line. But Arliss begins to question the class boundaries that divide her city on a hill.

When her father forbids her friendship with the young peasant swordsman, Philip, Arliss sets off on a defiant quest to the heart of the land. Little does she know that she will discover an evil more threatening and ancient than she could imagine—and a prophecy that speaks of a fiery arrow.

The Fiery Arrow is the first book in The Reinhold Chronicles trilogy.

Book 2

The Realms Beyond

by Bo Burnette

Published 14 November 2017

The clan of Reinhold fled from the Isle of Light thirteen years ago. Now—armed with her bow and determined to reclaim lost treasures—Princess Arliss wants to go back.

One year ago, a mysterious warlord named Thane upturned Arliss’s simple Celtic life when he attacked her kingdom. She fought back with a single fiery arrow. But now, rumors of Thane’s return are surfacing—and he is not alone.

Amidst the danger of Thane and his burgundy-cloaked assassin—and against the will of her parents and her closest friend, Philip—Arliss determines to return to the Isle of Light and recover the historic treasures of Reinhold. But none of the clan of Reinhold has crossed the seas in generations. Little does Arliss know she will come face to face with Thane, the secrets across the sea—and her own strained relationship with Philip.

Book 3

The Three Thrones

by Bo Burnette

Published 15 December 2018

The three clans are about to converge.

In the wake of Thane's destruction, Arliss is left with nothing but broken pieces of the life she knew and unanswered questions about the world beyond Reinhold.

And suddenly, that world comes to Reinhold.

When Princess Orlianna of Ikarra journeys to invite Arliss and company to return with her to renew their old alliances, Arliss grasps the opportunity to cross the ocean. The voyage could answer every question she's ever asked.

But as war looms ever closer, Arliss must risk everything. Her friendships across the clans. Her love for Philip. The role of the queen she was born to become.