by Adam Roberts

Published 9 August 2017
Explore behind the tourist facade of the world's most visited city. In this book, Paris-based writer and Invisible Paris blogger Adam Roberts provides a concise and informative portrait of the iconic metropolis. He uncovers the story of how a provincial backwater rose up to become the richest and most powerful city in Europe, and a world leader in fashion, the arts and gastronomy - and why it continues to dazzle today. In short, illustrated chapters, Roberts casts his eye over 2,000 years of turbulent history, from a time when roaming Celtic tribes first set up camp to the present day: he covers the rise and fall of royalty, uprisings and invasions, destruction and magnificent redevelopments, and he explores the city's contributions to the world, including Gothic architecture, city planning, mammoth museums and urban art. A section on the city today - perceptive essays and observations on topics ranging from Parisian Sundays to the inside workings of a historic hotel - reveal the twenty-first-century city.Roberts also offers travellers a diverse selection of tips on places to visit, from a vintage sweet shop to a museum of romantic life, a relaxing hidden garden in a hospital, and a converted hairdressing salon where you can play table tennis.
Recommended for those planning a trip to the city or simply for anyone who loves Paris, this book offers a unique overview of one of the world's most fascinating cities.