Book 1

The Highwayman

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 1 September 2015
A Beautiful Widow: Farah Leigh MacKenzie has known love and heartbreak. It was a young, passionate, forbidden love that she doesn't believe any man can replace and it ended tragically when her husband was sent to Newgate and died there. Years later, the beautiful young widow works for the Bow Street Runners and it is there that she encounters The Black Heart of Ben More, Dorian Blackwell, one of the wealthiest, most powerful, most dangerously lethal men in London. She is drawn instantly to this man who should make her want to flee. And for Dorian what he wants, he gets and he wants no needs Farah as he has needed no one else. Kidnapped!: When Dorian kidnaps Farah from her home and whisks her away to his lush sanctuary in wild Highlands of Scotland, Farah believes that her life is over. But in fact Dorian has saved her, for Farah is hiding secrets of her own-secrets that have put her life in danger. But Dorian trades in secrets, especially ones as juicy as hers. He makes a scandalous demand, marry him and he will protect her and he will restore what was stolen from her all those years ago. In return, she will help exact revenge on his enemies.
But what Dorian does not expect is to be caught so sweetly and irrevocably by a woman who threatens everything he holds dear.

Book 2

The Hunter

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 2 February 2016
Christopher Argent is London's deadliest hitman, never failing to take down a mark. That is, until a contract on the life of the stunningly beautiful actress Millie LeCour causes him to stay his hand. Overwhelmed by the passion that simmers between them, Christopher cannot complete his mission. But the intricacies of her situation run deep, and he will be bound to Millie as danger closes in. Millie is torn by the rush of fear-and surge of desire-she feels when she learns who Christopher is. But her pathway to safety leads her straight to his sinful arms, and each time is harder to resist. As everything she holds clear is threatened, Millie and Christopher must learn to trust-and give in to the desires that tempt them-if they are to save each other.

Book 3

The Highlander

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 2 August 2016

Book 4

The Duke

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 7 February 2017
Imogen Pritchard is thrown back together with Cole Talmage, the Duke of Trenwyth, who seduced her years earlier when she was a maid in a brothel, first as his nurse and later as his neighbor after she becomes a wealthy widow.

Book 5

The Scot Beds His Wife

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 3 October 2017

Book 6

He’s known only as The Rook. He remembers waking up in a mass grave with rage dissolving his soul. He has no memory of his past. His family. His sins. His name. And when his escape from the grave leaves him collapsed, he is rescued by the most beautiful young woman he’s ever laid eyes on. A woman who could maybe, just perhaps, heal the broken parts of him. If only he knew who he was.

Lorelai Weatherstroke is comprised of three monumental days in her life. The day her cruel brother shattered her leg and left her crippled for life. The day she rescued the broken, dark angel beneath the Ash tree as at the age of sixteen. And the day he left her house, her care, and her heart, never to return again. But even twenty years later, she recognises Ash, The Rook, instantly, as he comes surging back into her life to avenge her tormentors. But he has more enemies than the Devil waiting to hunt him down. Ash has already claimed Lorelai in his heart, but can he win back her love as he keeps her safe?

Book 7

Seducing a Stranger

by Kerrigan Byrne

Published 2 June 2020

This Knight of the Crown is driven by a painful past and a patient fury… and his entire life is a lie.

Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will, singular focus, and a merciless sense of justice. As a man, he secured his fortune and his preeminence as Scotland Yard’s ruthless Chief Inspector. As a decorated soldier, he was legend for his unflinching trigger finger, his precision in battle, and his imperturbable strength. But as a boy, he was someone else. A twin, a thief, and a murderer, until tragedy reshaped him.

Now he stalks the night, in search of redemption and retribution, vowing to never give into temptation, as it’s just another form of weakness.

Until temptation lands—quite literally—in his lap, taking the form of Prudence Goode.

Prim and proper Pru is expected to live a life of drudgery, but before she succumbs to her fate, she craves just one night of desire. On the night she searches for it, she stumbles upon a man made of shadows, muscle and wrath… And decides he is the one.

When their firestorm of passion burns out of control, Morley discovers, too late, that he was right. The tempting woman has become his weakness.

A weakness his enemies can use against him.