Book 1

Cover of The First Day of School

It's almost the first day of first grade, and Michael can't wait. That is, until he discovers that his puppy, Cookie, can't join him. But when he learns that bringing Cookie means she wouldn't be just his anymore, he decides it's better if she stays home.

Cover of The Luck of the Irish

It's St. Patrick's Day! Katie makes shamrocks to help celebrate and ends up learning what it means to be lucky in this Ready-to-Read eBook with audio.

Cover of Picking Apples

Picking Apples by Margaret McNamara

Published 8 September 2009

Michael refuses to help his classmates pick apples during a field trip until his teacher, Mrs. Connor, finds the apple that is just right for him.

Cover of Earth Day

Earth Day by Margaret McNamara

Published 30 September 2008

In the latest beginning reader from the bestselling, classroom based Robin Hill School series the class celebrates Earth Day! The kids in Mrs. Connor's class are celebrating Earth Day, and everyone has lots of ideas on how to save the Earth...except Emma. Emma is worried that her ideas are not good enough. With the help of her dad and Mrs. Connor, Emma learns that her small ideas can have big results!

Cover of Happy Graduation!

The first graders in Mrs. Connor's class prove that they can work together when Cookie the dog disrupts their graduation ceremony.

Cover of Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day by Margaret McNamara

Published 1 December 2005

Early readers will love learning about the American tradition of groundhog day with Mrs. Connor's class in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read! It's Groundhog Day in Mrs. Connor's class. But instead of watching a real groundhog, the first graders wait to see if Chester the hamster will see his shadow!

Cover of One Hundred Days (Plus One)

The bestselling duo, Margaret McNamara and Mike Gordon, deliver another great Level 1 Ready-to-Read full of lessons for beginning readers! Hannah's teacher plans a party to celebrate the one hundredth day of school. But on the day of the big party, Hannah is too sick to go. She misses out on the fun! But when she returns the next school day, Hanna finds that adding one can make things extra special.

Cover of Election Day

Election Day by Margaret McNamara

Published 10 August 2004

On Becky's first day at a new school, she finds that she has a chance to run for class president.

Cover of Fall Leaf Project

Fall Leaf Project by Margaret McNamara

Published 22 August 2006

Mrs. Connor's first grade class decides to send colorful fall leaves to students in another state where the leaves do not change color.

Cover of Dad Goes to School

It's Parents Week for Mrs. Connor's first graders. Each day another parent is visiting and showing what they do. But Ayanna's dad isn't like the other parents. Will her classmates like him anyway?

Cover of Class Picture Day

The Robin Hill School first-graders get ready to show off their best smiles on picture day!

Cover of Summer Treasure

A Robin Hill School first-grader gets a summertime surprise in this sunny Ready-to-Read! Since it's summer, instead of attending Robin Hill School, Hannah gets to do other fun things, like go to the beach with her family. Imagine her surprise when she sees her teacher, Mrs. Connor! In a bathing suit! Turns out, teachers don't live at school-and they are just as friendly outside of the classroom. Together, Mrs. Connor and Hannah look for treasure on the beach and share a beautiful summer day.

Cover of Garden Project

Garden Project by Margaret McNamara

Published 22 June 2010

The kids in Mrs. Connor's class decide to turn an old sandbox into a garden filled with yummy vegetables. But not everyone is excited about the garden-or the veggies. Can the class convince Neil to join in the fun and taste the delicious treats that finally grow?

Cover of Secret Santa

Secret Santa by Margaret McNamara

Published 2 October 2012

The Robin Hill School first-graders celebrate the spirit of Christmas in this holiday-themed Level 1 Ready-to-Read story with audio. It is Secret Santa Day at school, and Katie is wearing her special Christmas sweater. But Andrew makes fun of her outfit, calling the reindeer on the sweater a raccoon. When it comes time to pick names from the Santa hat, Katie hopes she doesn't pick Andrew's name. But she does! How can Katie give Andrew a gift when he's been so mean to her?

Cover of Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day by Margaret McNamara

Published 5 January 2010

Mrs. Connor's class knows they have a holiday in February, but do they know what it really means? They will after they learn all about Presidents' Day-and why it's more than just a Monday off from school! The Robin Hill School series is an engaging favorite kids and teachers love, and the simple text and bright art in Presidents' Day make for a wonderful read that is as fun as it is informative.

Cover of Snow Day

Snow Day by Margaret McNamara

Published 1 October 2007

The kids in Mrs. Connor's class love the snow! And they love snow days even more! But when the snow will not stop falling, Nia realizes that staying at home is not so much fun after all.

Cover of First-Grade Bunny

First-Grade Bunny by Margaret McNamara

Published 25 January 2005

Everyone in Mrs. Conner's first-grade class loves their visitor, Sparky the bunny, except Reza, who tries to overcome his fear when the teacher gives him a special job.