Mike Gordon is a highly experienced mentor and life coach, for individuals and businesses. He is the Founder of Epiphanies Life Strategy & Coaching (http: //www.epiphanies.com.au/) and the author of the Life Epiphanies Series. Born and raised in Scotland, Mike Gordon moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2006, after 35 years in the corporate world, as a Strategic Business Consultant, Global Marketing Director and Executive Coach, that took him all over the world (UK, Europe, USA and Asia). Over the years, Mike has learned what it takes for us to get the life we want. Mike's own journey to wellbeing, and staying true to his authentic self, has been a progression of one epiphany after another. Everyone has epiphanies that are based on their own experience. Learning to act upon them is the secret of success. Mike's had his own tough times, but has found ways to reset the dials and find a better path. He has learned how to assess, design, rebuild and run a fulfilling life. With research, study, professional help and self-practice, Mike has emerged as the whole, balanced person he is now. The happiest he's ever been. In 2012, Mike Gordon established Epiphanies Life Strategy & Coaching, a small business delivering coaching and mentoring for people who have reached a turning point in their lives. It focuses on taking personal responsibility for one's own fulfilment and breakthrough moments - learning to walk the talk authentically. For Mike, writing the 'Life Epiphanies Series' is a way to bring his personal and professional insights to a wider audience. It's intended to share practical guidance on to how to repair and rebalance our lives and wellbeing. 'Should I Quit?' is the first book in the series and helps readers to find, and stay true to, themselves in turbulent times. It's all about handling change and coming out the other side happier, healthier and wiser. It's about being resilient and never, ever, quitting. Mike is a fundamentally strategic thinker, with a strong intuitive spirit. He works with clients in a structured manner, with a blend of compassion and care. He has always believed If you don't know what's broken, you don't know what to fix. Mike is continuing this journey in life to help others find their true purpose and to take action and control of their lives.