Amelia Bedelia, who knows very little about baseball, stands in for a sick player during a game.

Bread and Jam for Frances

by Russell Hoban

Published 9 September 1964
"Jam on toast," sings Frances about the food she likes most--until she has it for the sixth meal in two days.

Birthday for Frances

by Russell Hoban

Published 28 August 1968
Frances is jealous of her sister's birthday, but birthday spirit moves her to reluctantly give her coveted gift.

Amelia Bedelia Helps Out

by Peggy Parish

Published 1 September 1963
Amelia Bedelia shows her niece Effie Lou how to follow instructions to the letter as they dust the potato bugs and sew seeds.

Frog and Toad: Tomorrow

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 January 1979

Once upon a time there were two good friends, a frog and a toad...

Each time Toad saw how messy his home was he said,
"I will do it tomorrow. Today I will take life easy."
What happened when tomorrow arrived?

The much-loved Frog and Toad stories were written and illustrated Arnold Lobel and have been loved by generations.

Children can recap the story on pages 14-15 by exploring the difference between tidying the house 'tomorrow' and doing it 'today', providing lots of speaking and listening opportunities.

Green/Band 5 books offer early readers patterned language and varied characters.

Ideas for Reading provide practical support and stimulating activities.

Amelia Bedelia's Family Album

by Peggy Parish

Published 15 September 1988
Amelia Bedelia entertains Mr. and Mrs. Rogers by showing them her family album and describing what her relatives do.

A Bargain for Frances

by Russell Hoban

Published 20 October 1970
Frances foils Thelma's plot to trick her out of a new china set.

Small Pig

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 April 1969

While helping to prepare a surprise shower, Amelia Bedelia and her cousin make some arrangements that are not quite what the guests expected.

Frog and Toad All Year

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 January 1948
Two friends share experiences in each season of the year.

A spooky but funny story about Jeff Brown's Flat Stanley - everyone's favourite flat boy - for Egmont's green banana series. Stanley and his brother Arthur are going to their school's Halloween party. They dress up in costumes and Stanley is particularly looking forward to the limbo competition. They're rather disappointed by the haunted house, though - it's really not very scary. But when they see a bully upsetting their friend Martin, they decide to teach him a lesson - by being very scary indeed! Green bananas are divided into short, simple stories to develop reading techniques over a number of sessions. They are suitable for NC Level 1 readers. Green Bananas are carefully designed with education in mind, supporting children's understanding of how to read longer books. Green bananas only use one clause in each sentence and rely on dialogue and speech bubbles to encourage reading aloud.

Mouse Soup

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 January 1977
A mouse convinces a weasel he needs the ingredients from several stories to make a tasty mouse soup.

Owl at Home

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 January 1975
Relates five adventures of Owl.

Marley: Farm Dog

by John Grogan

Published 1 March 2011


by John Grogan

Published 1 May 2007

A heart-warming story about the World's Worst Dog, adapted from John Grogan's phenomenally bestselling memoir, Marley and Me.

Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. Marley is always getting into trouble, whether he is stealing underwear, crashing through doors, or drooling on guests, some may say he's the World's Worst Dog!

But those who know and love Marley accept him as a dog like no other. His heart is pure and his larger-than-life personality irresistible. He brings joy to his family, the Grogans, and teaches them what really matters in life.

Uncle Elephant

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 January 1981
Uncle Elephant come to the rescue when his nephew's parents are lost at sea, and cares for him until they are found again.

Grasshopper on the Road

by Arnold Lobel

Published 1 October 1978
As Grasshopper sets out to follow a road, he meets some unusual characters.

A frog and a toad who are best friends take care of their garden together, share cookies, and enjoy a number of exciting adventures.

Amelia Bedelia

by Peggy Parish

Published December 1964
A literal-minded housekeeper causes chaos in the Rogers household when she attempts to make sense of some instructions.