Cover of The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders by Jane Dougherty

Published 22 March 2016

Young Adult

Cover of Fourth World

Fourth World (Iamos Trilogy, #1) by Lyssa Chiavari

Published 15 December 2015

Young Adult

Cover of Iceling

Iceling by Sasha Stephenson

Published 13 December 2016

Young Adult

Lorna's adopted sister, Callie, is part of a mysterious group of non-lingual teens, Icelings, born on a remote Arctic island, who may not be entirely human. Now Callie wants to go home, in a YA novel that's perfect for fans of Under the Never Sky and The Darkest Minds. Seventeen-year-old Lorna loves her adoptive sister, Callie. But Callie can't say "I love you" back. In fact, Callie can't I say anything at all. Because Callie is an Iceling--one of hundreds of teens who were discovered sixteen ye...

Cover of Entangled

Entangled (Entangled, #1) by Amy Rose Capetta

Published 1 January 2013

Young Adult

Alone was the note Cade knew best. It was the root of all her chords. Seventeen-year-old Cade is a fierce survivor, solo in the universe with her cherry-red guitar. Or so she thought. Her world shakes apart when a hologram named Mr. Niven tells her she was created in a lab in the year 3112, then entangled at a subatomic level with a boy named Xan. Cade's quest to locate Xan joins her with an array of outlaws - her first friends - on a galaxy-spanning adventure. And once Cade discovers the wild j...

Cover of Thirteen Rising

Thirteen Rising (Zodiac, #4) by Romina Russell

Published 21 August 2017

Young Adult

The master has been unmasked. Rho's world has been turned upside down. With her loved ones in peril and all the stars set against her, can the young Guardian from House Cancer muster the strength to keep fighting? Or has she finally found her match in a master whose ambition to rule knows no limits?

Cover of Love Sucks and Then You Die

Love Sucks and Then You Die by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Published 10 September 2013

Young Adult

Cover of Plague in the Mirror

Plague in the Mirror by Deborah Noyes

Published 11 June 2013

Young Adult

In a sensual paranormal romance, a teen girl's doppelganger from 1348 Florence lures her into the past in hopes of exacting a deadly trade.It was meant to be a diversion - a summer in Florence with her best friend, Liam, and his travel writer mum, doing historical research between breaks for gelato. A chance to forget that back in Vermont, May's parents, and all semblance of safety, were breaking up. But when May wakes one night sensing someone in her room, to find her ghostly twin staring back...

Cover of How We Rise

How We Rise (How We Rise, #1) by Brooke Riley

Published 19 May 2020

Young Adult

Cover of Nexus

'A whirlwind out-of-this-galaxy adventure!' Sarah J. Maas, bestselling author of A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass. From the #1 New York Times bestselling authors of Zenith comes the dazzling finale to the Androma Saga, where stunning betrayals and devastating secrets expose an embattled galaxy to the ultimate nightmare. The galaxy is in peril. Only one girl can save us all. Her ship is gone, her crew is captured and notorious m...

Cover of Displacement

Displacement by Kiku Hughes

Published 7 October 2020

Young Adult

Kiku is on vacation in San Francisco when suddenly she finds herself displaced to the 1940s Japanese-American internment camp that her late grandmother, Ernestina, was forcibly relocated to during World War II. These displacements keep occurring until Kiku finds herself 'stuck' back in time. Living alongside her young grandmother and other Japanese-American citizens in internment camps, Kiku gets the education she never received in history class. She witnesses the lives of Japanese-Americans wh...

Cover of Shadow Call

Shadow Call by Adrianne Strickland

Published 17 April 2018

Young Adult

The rip-roaring space adventure sequel to the book that NYT bestselling author Lindsey Cummings heralded as "an explosive debut" has arrived! Full of action and romance, as if Star Wars was done in the vein of Joss Whedon's Firefly. His throne. Her rebellion. Their war. Qole is the youngest starship captain in living memory on her homeworld of Alaxak and has spent her life hunting a dangerous energy source called Shadow. Alaxans distrust and evade the galaxy's royalty as a rule, but Qole is no...

Cover of Untitled


Published 6 November 2018

Young Adult

Cover of A Conspiracy to Murder, 1865

Petra and Kipp discover the truth about the Lincoln assassination while investigating the government's hanging of Mary Surratt in the time-travel adventure, A Conspiracy to Murder, by T.L.B. WoodA flash of muzzle fire...a shot rings out...a president is dead...the fate of a nation is changed.Assisted by a shadowy group of conspirators--ultimately executed by the government--John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln.Among the conspirators was Mary Surratt, who went to the hangman's scaffold...

Cover of Fairest

Fairest (Lunar Chronicles, #3.5) by Marissa Meyer

Published 27 January 2015

Young Adult

Prepare to see the New York Times-bestselling series like you've never seen it before, now with new cover art! A standalone prequel to the #1 New York Times- and USA Today-Bestselling Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer! Find out what made the evil space queen from the beloved series so wicked. An interesting mash up of fairy tales and science fiction . . . a cross between Cinderella, Terminator, and Star Wars. --Entertainment Weekly Prince Charming among the cyborgs. --The Wall Str...

Cover of Passing Strange

Karen DeSonne always passed as a normal teenager - and now that she' dead, she's still passing - this time, as alive. When her dead friends are accused of a high profile murder and forced into hiding, she has to prove their innocence. Which means doing the unthinkable and becoming the girlfriend of bionist zealot Peter Martinsburg, who she suspects of framing them. But if he finds out who Karen really is, the consequences for her will be worse than death...

Cover of Reached

Reached (Matched, #3) by Ally Condie

Published 1 November 2012


Cassia’s journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect façade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter. The wait is over. One young woman has raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most—family, love, choice. Her quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion. With exquisite prose, the emotionally gripping conclusion to the international–b...