Cover of Unholy Magic

The second book in this edgy urban fantasy trilogy. Trying to catch a spectral serial killer with a fondness for his victims' eyes is distracting Chess from her day job, and her growing attraction to Terrible is making things worse. If you liked the compelling characters in 50 Shades of Grey, you'll love the Downside Ghosts series. The second book in this edgy urban fantasy trilogy.Trying to catch a spectral serial killer with a fondness for his victims' eyes is dis...

Cover of The Unlikeable Demon Hunter

The biggest threat an all-male brotherhood of demon hunters face isn’t any demonic foe. It’s a foul-mouthed, romance-impaired heroine who’s gonna show these boys a thing or two about how to really slay a monster… When Nava half-drunkenly interrupts her twin brother's induction ceremony into a secret supernatural society, she doesn’t expect to accidentally torch his life-long dream and steal his destiny. Horrified she’s now expected to take his place, Nava is faced with something she never want...

Cover of Ruled by Blood

Ruled by Blood by May Sage and Alexi Blake

Published 1 October 2020


Cover of Unbroken

Unbroken by Brooklyn Ray

Published 8 April 2019


Cover of Fall

Fall (Nava Katz, #5) by Deborah Wilde

Published 17 August 2018


Playtime’s over.With the Brotherhood and certain witches gunning for Nava, people are taking bets on who will kill her first.Not to mention that the shambles of her relationship have just been thrust into the spotlight for a mission to take down one of the deadliest demons she’s faced yet. A demon who’ll force her and Rohan to confront their own inner demons once and for all.Nava heads to Los Angeles to make her bold play–on all fronts–but can she stop her foes before they destroy her for good?A...

Cover of Wish Quartet

The Age of Magic: Wish Quartet bundle includes all five books in the series and is over 1,000 pages of magic, romance, secret magic societies, and twists you never saw coming. When her heart stopped, her magic started… Josephina “Jo” Espinosa just wanted to take care of her family. One last hacking job for the mafia was supposed to be the ticket to everything – money, comfort, and getting out of a life of crime. Then, the feds caught up with her. Jo never believed in magic. But when you’re st...

Cover of Bound 1 & 2

Bound 1 & 2 (Bound) by Angela M Hudson

Published 1 September 2018


Cover of Remembering a Witch

Remembering a Witch by Lauren Connolly

Published 16 September 2019