Cover of Face Down Across the Western Sea

Follows Susanna, Lady Appleton, as she assists the scholars in an investigation into England's claim on the New World, but when a scholar is murdered, Susanna must discover the truth.

Cover of Rattle His Bones

As a grey drizzle descends upon the damp errand boys and busy omnibuses of London, Daisy Dalrymple is feeling rather cheerful and excited to be showing her nephew and future stepdaughter the glories of Kensington's Natural History Museum. But as closing time draws near, Daisy and Co. hear a tremendous crash and are horrified to discover one of the curators dead - horribly murdered - atop of a pile of dinosaur bones.Together with her fiance, Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Y...

Cover of Killing the Goose

Killing the Goose by D Michael Flanagan

Published 16 May 2019


Cover of The Leper's Bell (Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 14)

Super sleuth Sister Fidelma returns in THE LEPER'S BELL the fourteenth historical mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed author of BADGER'S MOON, THE HAUNTED ABBOT and many more. PRAISE FOR THE SISTER FIDELMA SERIES: 'The background detail is brilliantly defined . . . wonderfully evocative' The Times, 'A brilliant and beguiling heroine. Immensely appealing' Publishers Weekly A servant has been murdered and the baby in her charge abducted. Fidelma of Cashel has solved even more horrendous crimes...

Cover of The Tender Herb: A Murder in Mughal India

1812 - Charles Murray is drawn abroad by urgent news of an old servant in distant Mughal India. Going to the aid of one woman, he finds another and is pursued by a third. But that is no recipe for an easy life, and with imperial spies on the streets of Delhi, Murray must investigate the murder that brought him East.

Cover of Brigham's Bees

Brigham's Bees by Robert Kirby

Published 30 January 2013


Cover of Time's Fool

Time's Fool by Leonard Tourney

Published June 2004


Cover of The Man from Lisbon

The Man from Lisbon by Thomas Gifford

Published 1 November 1978


Cover of The Last Call Girl

The Last Call Girl by Jonnie Mae Lindsell

Published 26 March 2010


Cover of Tutt and Mr. Tutt

Tutt and Mr. Tutt by Arthur Train

Published 1 January 2004


Cover of Murder at Melrose Court

Book 1 in The Heathcliff Lennox series It's 1920 and Christmas is coming. Major Lennox finds a body on his doorstep - why on his doorstep? Was it to do with the Countess? Was it about the ruby necklace? Lennox goes to Melrose Court home to his uncle, Lord Melrose, to uncover the mystery. But then the murders begin and it snows and it all becomes very complicated.... Major Heathcliff Lennox, ex-WW1 war pilot, six feet 3 inches, tousled, dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of W...

Cover of A Purely Private Matter

The Rosalind Thorne Mysteries—inspired by the novels of Jane Austen—continue as the audacious Rosalind strives to aid those in need while navigating the halls of high society… Rosalind Thorne has slowly but assuredly gained a reputation as “a useful woman”—by helping respectable women out of some less-than-respectable predicaments.  Her latest endeavor is a tragedy waiting to happen. Desperate Margaretta Seymore is with child—and her husband is receiving poisoned pen letters that imply that he...