Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

by J.K. Rowling

It's the pivotal fourth novel in the seven-part saga of a young wizard's coming of age. The thickest. The juiciest yet. Harry Potter turns fourteen. But will all his friends? Rumors have persisted that one of the characters may not see the conclusion of this novel, something the author has refused either to confirm or deny. But we who love Ron, Hermione, Hagrid...even pitiful Neville Longbottom...wait anxiously to see if they will make it through safely. No one's fate is certain when Volde -- excuse me -- He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is part of the picture.

What is certain is that a novel of excruciating suspense awaits, leavened by J. K. Rowling's inimitable sense of humor and the burgeoning details of her magical world. Whether it's taking a front-row seat at the International Quidditch World Cup, or meeting the new Defense-Against-the-Dark-Arts teacher, or finding out if Harry really does start a romance with Cho Chang, fans of the history-making boy-wizard will find their thirst for Hogwarts adventure slaked deliciously...at least for a little while!

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Out of all Harry Potter books, this one is the one I hold dearest to my heart because of the sole reason that it was the first book I’ve ever read (having finished watching the first three films) and with it began my love for reading.


The thing I’m enjoying the most in my reread of this series is taking the chance to look deeper into the characters and how they interact with each other. The Goblet of Fire will always be a special book to me for the above stated reasons, and given that it was my first ever book to read, I’m very glad to see that there are quite a few details that weren’t mentioned in the films, but I still remember them clearly from reading the book just once over a decade ago, there was 1 scene I rearranged the timing off differently, but other than that, it felt like coming home as always. To continue on to my previous point about the reread, given that I know exactly how the story unfolds in this book, I’m given the chance to really enjoy the characters and get to notice sides I might’ve not have seen before.

For example, Hermione Granger has always been my favourite character in the series, either through the books or the films, it never changed. This book only solidified that opinion and increased my appreciation of her as a character; she’s a flawed human being, but she makes up for it by other sides of her character and through helping Harry and Ron. In another instance, I get to see Ron in a deeper light as well and with a much older mindset than how I read it the first time and personally, although I think he’s a nice balancing individual to the brilliant two with him, I find the way he deals or rather, portrays his jealousy to be utterly disgusting and completely unjustified when you think about who he’s treating that way in the first place and why.

Of course, reading the book will give a very clear idea of what I’m talking about, but I guess it will ultimately depend on how certain people accept certain things. When it comes to Harry however, I find myself somewhat disappointed that most of his sarcastic replies or the things he had to go through in this book, weren’t portrayed as evidently in the film, but other than that, I enjoyed being in his head again. Others like Rita Skeeter were a joy as well, not because she’s that great of a person, but of the opposite, she’s such a horrible one that I found her interactions with the other characters very amusing, especially with Dumbledore.

Another thing I loved and so far continued to love in the books, is the bigger focus on the classes and the magic in this series. So many spells are mentioned, class activities and proceedings and how different some teachers are to others. I always wish for more when I read these, but so far, I’ve been really enjoying how I get to learn with the characters about these things when the chance arises. I do wish that some classes were more explored tbh, but hopefully I will get it from some place at some point.

The plot is really thickening now and I can’t wait to see how I will feel after reading the three remaining books; although, given my opinions so far, I’m more than happy with how it went so I really can’t wait for it!!


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