Aurora Rising is a very ambitious science fiction story - where the main characters have just graduated from the Academy, and are now space cadets working for the Aurora Academy. It's like a peace corps for the galaxy, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Tyler and his team are relegated to doing what appears to be a food run.
Of course, nothing is what it seems, and instead, Tyler, Scarlet, Kat, Fin, Ziela, and Kal find themselves hunted by authorities. Not only is the Terran elite security force, but other galactic forces will soon follow
What do they want? Why are they so in need of Auri? And why her?
I loved the narration here, with a full cast of characters, it made the listening experience so good, so the narration totally gets five stars.
I did enjoy the story, especially the first 80%. Then, in the end, I felt like things were just a little bit too easy - and while most of the fights and the action had been well described, the final battle left a little bit to be desired.

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