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I was a very keen observer...

My plan before I started Little Dove was to not overthink it. That plan… was very unsuccessful and I over-analysed EVERYTHING. I can’t help analysing their (the characters) thoughts and feelings, my thoughts and feelings and what I perceived other’s thoughts and feelings would be. Because, after all, I was reading a book that is considered TABOO . The shock … The horror!

I’m not afraid to admit that I absolutely LOVED Little Dove. I found parts of this story unnerving, uncomfortable, and a wee bit wrong. Juliet was underage at the start of Little Dove. But… she had lived through some of the worst experiences already and had to grow up way too young, so she was quite mature for her age. Little Dove definitely had a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome feel to it. But… who wouldn’t appreciate someone who gave her the first place she ever felt safe in? And the elephant in the room… *Daddy* kink. Well, that one is a little harder for me to analyse. On one hand, the word *Daddy* does absolutely NOTHING for me sexually. BUT… I get the appeal of a girl wanting to be adored and taken care of by an older guy, who wants to give her everything and the moon.

So, while I struggled to stop my mind from over-analysing initially, it doesn’t take long for Layla Frost to distract me from my concerns and I was completely sucked into this very sexy romance.

HOLY SHAMOLY!! This story was HOT!! It’s one thing to enjoy a hero that is good looking, bossy, and completely devoted to his partner’s happiness. It takes it to the next level of enjoyment, when the heroine is happy, content, and completely devoted to her partner’s happiness. I completely believed that this was a mutually beneficial relationship. Sure, at first Juliet is a little unsure and needs support and reassurance. Juliet is struggling with feelings of guilt and is worried that others will judge her for enjoying being Maximo’s, Little Dove. Layla Frost does a remarkable job convincing me that Juliet and Maximo are on the same page and looking for a mutually satisfying relationship.

I can 100% say that I enjoyed every minute of this story. There were some gruesome scenes where Maximo deals out punishments to those who dared to hurt his Little Dove. Even when there were scenes where Juliet is being ‘punished’, I was OK. At first, I was berating myself for condoning Maximo’s punishments, as Juliet, after all, had broken his very clear rules. Then I realised that some of those punishments Juliet was instigating for her enjoyment. She bates, cajoles, and niggles him because Juliet loves the connection and release she gets from their ‘play’ time. Another part of the story that left me satisfied is that those around Juliet and Maximo didn’t judge them for their relationship choices. Well, not the people that mattered. I’m kind of liking authors writing stories where taboo, unusual, and different is accepted as normal and people just minded their own business.

While some of the things in this story are not my idea of fun and frivolity, I can appreciate that the characters in Little Dove were in their happy place. I am ALL about *each to their own and all that jazz* because we are all individuals and have individual likes and dislikes. I admit to enjoying a wee bit of book-related voyeurism.

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