This Broken Wondrous World by Jon Skovron

This Broken Wondrous World

by Jon Skovron

As Boy, the hacker son of Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride, moves to Switzerland to enroll in college, the secret world of monsters and mythical creatures, hiding in plain sight, is torn apart by conflict.

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3.5 Stars
Man Made Boy was one the loveliest storylines I had the privilege of enjoying almost two years ago, hoping for a sequel that was rumoured but never came to fruition... Until now. I adore the little patchwork monster simply known as Boy. He's intelligent and although made of a series of body parts from the dead, his crude stitching and gentle nature completely enchant me. And This Broken Wondrous World is no different. At the end of Man Made Boy, Boy is contemplating seeing the world and traveling to Switzerland to stay with the Frankenstein family, descendants of the man who had created his father. Loving and accepting, is isn't long until Boy is treated as family and is befriended by his cousin Henri. The only rule is that he not tell the Frankenstein's about the New York community, the humans still unaware of the network of monsters who live among them. But when an old foe lures them into what seems to be a trap, Boy has no option to involve Henri and deal with the consequences later.

When Boy needs them most, old friends come to his aide. Claire Hyde and Sophie Jekyll, the granddaughters of the Jekyll and Hyde are back, Boy needing his girlfriends by his side as he faces the prospect of war. The Trowe will return as does a gruff shapeshifting wolf, as monsters will be forced to choose to support Boy in his plight or to fight for Dr Moreau and his band of newly formed monster army. Although superbly entertaining, This Broken Wondrous World lacked the emotion of Man Made Boy, with Boy having lost his naivety which I found incredibly endearing.

Despite not feeling an emotional connection, I thoroughly enjoyed This Broken Wondrous World. Wonderfully written, it's ultimately the story of acceptance and making the most of the hand that life has dealt. I'm completely smitten with the little patchwork monster.

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