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I've been enjoying Elliot's FBI series, Mercy Kilpatrick and was curious about her Rogue River series of novellas written with author Melinda Leigh. So when I got the chance to review this new series by them I jumped in. I am so thrilled that I did. Right now there are four books slated; Close to the Bone, A Bone to Pick, Whisper of Bones, and Bred in the Bone. They are all available in KU, Kindle, and it looks like Audible.

In Close to the Bone, FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde has returned to her childhood home to heal from a gunshot wound. With the ferry put of commission, they call Cate in to be the FBI liaison on a case. The locals have found the skeletal remains of a teenager on a nearby island. The FBI believes it might be the bones of a young girl who went missing two years ago. Cate cannot help but wonder if it might be the bones of her childhood friend who went missing. On the island she meets up with a childhood friend, Tessa Black. Tessa is now a local deputy.

I love small-town island settings. At the crime scene we meet the local doctor, Dr. Henry Powers. Powers is new to the island and imagine his surprise when he learns he is also the county coroner. I quickly slipped into the story. While this is a novella, it didn’t feel rushed because there are overall series arcs and we get to know key town players. We even get hints at a romance.

What I appreciated was that they solved the current case. It wrapped up quickly but felt realistic. I loved the stories surrounding the island’s name and the surrounding islands. Cate herself, or her family is part of that history. I loved the setting, but I don’t think I will take my husband there to live anytime soon. You will understand when you read the book.

A great start to a promising new series, Close to the Bone is the perfect romantic suspense, mystery-thriller to dive into this fall. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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