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3.5 stars, but I'll round up to 4 because I like this series so much. I enjoyed this one, but it felt like a "springboard" basically just existing to introduce new plot points for future books. And as such, I feel a bit unfulfilled and as a whole, the story felt like it never really came together. The main plot about the inn's guest who was acting strangely and later found shot on the beach after the storm and dying soon after was a good plot but I felt like it was shoved into the background, and other smaller/less important things were given more space instead, like the bones recovered from the plot of land Abby didn't even know she owned - which also led to a lot of pages on expanding the inn. That stuff should be in the background, not eclipsing the main plot. I did like that Abby finally got resolution about the death of her husband and son.

I also questioned the hurricane as a plot device. The book is set in late spring (I'm guessing late April or early May) and there was a hurricane. Hurricane season is June 1st through November 1st, but really doesn't get cranking until late summer/September. So how was there a hurricane racing up the coast before hurricane season even started? Hmm...looked it up, in the entire history of tracking storms, only 2 were before June 1st, one in 1887 and one in 1951, so I guess it's possible but unlikely.

Did I love the book? Sure, I look forward to each one and devour it in one evening but I'd say it's not one of my favorites and I'd probably skip it on a re-read.

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