So this was fantastic. I’ve been waiting and waiting to read this book because I know it’s a quartet but with book three around the corner, I could hold out no longer.

I loved the writing, I felt like I was properly in the story and I’m really intrigued to see what the rebellions have up their sleeve, if they even come back.

I’m intrigued to see more of Helene, too. Yes, this book is about Elias and Laia, but Helene is such an integral part to Elias’s life, and you could feel just how much they relied on each other.

I absolutely loved Laia - what she goes through in a bid to save her brother was heroic, especially the nasty stuff the Commandant did just for the hell of it or minor infractions.

I cannot wait to read book two, there is tons left to explore in this world and it’ll be interesting to see the aftermath of everything Laia and especially Elias went through because some of those trials were downright sadistic.

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