I have read very few superhero books, to be honest, i read the ones that just recently came out that were done by major ya authors in the last few years. So my knowledge of this genre is limited to what been shown in movies. I do know this author though and she is very talented in the realm of dragons so when she told me she was mixing superheroes and dragons I was all for it.

I was not disappointed Scales is everything you want in a superhero story that you did not know you needed. You got a goofy nerd guy who is amazing and strong as a dragon, you got stuck up snobby rich girls who have evil parents, and then you got a mystery around magical totems. All of this while our characters are trying to save New York City from being destroyed without revealing their true selves.

Of course, a superhero can never keep their identity to themselves they got to have sidekicks to help them along the way. Their no shortage of that nor does our author reveal all of the superhero’s true identities in this first book. We are left with guessing but maybe being entirely in the loop as we come to the end of the first book.

I really liked the pacing of the story there was lots of action to be devoured, and plenty of character development so that you really felt you know these characters. I like that they are unique and not your typical white protagonist. This story also works out very well cause the author lives this story and can draw from her personal life to really make this story come to life.

I am eager to read the next one and see what else our goofy Koji can get up to in the rest of the Spirit of Chaos series. Time to get your scales on and pick this one up.

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