There are few series that get progressively better with each book. Usually sequels stumble along the way. That is not the case with this series - from Ember to Reaper, each book has outshone the last by jaw-dropping proportions. And that’s not to say that An Ember in the Ashes was a bad first book. It was unique and well-constructed, and I knew I wanted to continue on with the story. But I was taken aback by how much I loved A Torch Against the Night, and now...A Reaper at the Gates. A Reaper at the Gates is a masterpiece, and to call it anything short of that would be an insult. Each of the perspectives was fully engaging (though I had my favorites), and we get so much plot and character growth. The reveals left me shell-shocked and the writing. Sabaa Tahir is a born writer. She puts you in every scene. You feel every emotion, witnessing every event as if you’re there. I cannot praise this book highly enough. If I wasn’t so stingy with my 5-Star ratings, this book would be first in line to get one. Just wow.

If you’re iffy about picking up or continuing on with this series, please do it. I promise you will not regret your choice.

P.S. - I know he’s the “villain”, but I absolutely love the Nightbringer.

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