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A second chance at love…

****4.5 Stars****

I have just been introduced to a new culinary delight thanks to The Ex Assignment. Peanut butter toast with pieces of sliced apple on top is delicious. Whether it be trying new culinary delights, or googling words, places, and things, I love expanding my knowledge. Victoria Paige takes me past the culinary delights to bombs, cartels and biochemical warfare. Again, Ms Paige has me convinced she is CIA and just happens to love writing romance stories on the side. Her stories just seem so believable and I’m scared how accurately she portrays what is happening in our world.

I really enjoyed reading The Ex Assignment and in some ways, I was surprised how much I loved it. The original picture I was seeing turns out to be wrong and what I ended up with is so much better. Like any good story, it takes a wee bit of time to unpack all the pieces and slot them into the right places. Gabby and Declan’s story has a lot of rough edges and it’s only after 17 years apart that they realise the mistakes of their past. Immaturity and lack of life experience hindered their young relationship, and secrets, betrayals, and heartbreak kept them apart. Now that the secrets have been exposed, Gabby and Declan must decide whether to risk a second chance at love.

It is definitely not a smooth ride for Gabby and Declan. While dealing with seeing each other again, they are also having to fight the bad guys, deal with Gabby’s half-brother, and solve the murder of her father. But, their attraction and connection to each other can’t be denied. Now they must learn to trust each other again and see if love can survive the second time around.

The Rogue Protectors is a new series but we do get to catch up with some old friends. I loved the fast-paced and exciting world we are introduced to. The characters are strong, determined, and excellent at what they do. I absolutely loved Garrison’s character who reminded me of another favourite from Ms Paige’s Guardians series, Viktor Baran. Those cranky, bossy Alpha males with their single-minded focus on their objectives, really make me laugh. They are both very intimidating but it’s obvious that they have a heart underneath the tough exterior.

The Ex Assignment was exciting from start to finish and I was left extremely satisfied. The sexy times were sizzling, and it was obvious that they were meant to be together. Yes, I was a little frustrated with their separation and what led up to that separation. It’s obvious they married too young and didn’t really have proper guidance or their priorities straight. This second time around was the right time, and the author convinced me they would make a success of their relationship.

If you haven’t tried a Victoria Paige romance yet, I highly recommend giving The Ex Assignment a try.

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