Wicked Cowboy Wolf by Kait Ballenger

Wicked Cowboy Wolf (Seven Range Shifters, #3)

by Kait Ballenger

Cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night: These bad boys are ready to heat things up in a sexy paranormal wolf shifter romance from author Kait Ballenger.

To his enemies, he's known as the Rogue. To her, he's her only chance at survival...
Years ago, Grey Wolf Jared Black was cast from the pack for a crime he didn't commit. If they wanted him to be an outlaw cowboy, fine. Now, he's the mysterious criminal wolf known only as the Rogue, a name his former packmates won't soon forget. But when a vampire threat endangers the lives of their entire species, Jared must confront his former packmates again, even if that means betraying the only woman he's ever loved...

Ever since Maeve Gray escaped the pack's bloodsucking enemies, she's been determined to save her species—and fast. But when a wicked cowboy wolf shows up on the Grey Wolf ranch, offering everything Maeve's heart desires, her eyes are opened to a whole new world beyond the packlands. For this cowgirl, sleeping with the enemy could prove as desirable as it is deadly...

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I don't like these shifters. Stories are full of prejudices and unreasonable treatment for not being one of the acceptable shifters. I just couldn't stand that in a world where shifters were rare, there was so much discrimination or attacks due to not being "one of us."

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