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I wasn't sure in the beginning...

Alexandria House is a new author to me, and I'm glad that I started with the Strickland Sisters series. I'm one of three girls and the Strickland sisters are made up of Renee, Angela and Nicole. I got the dynamics, understood the loyalty, and identified with the lovable intrusiveness of sisters who care about each other. I was drawn to the story because of the "Sisters", but I'm going to keep with the series because I liked the people I met.

Now saying all that... I can admit that it took a wee while to warm up to Stay with Me. Seriously, Ryan was an arrogant, egotistical douchewaffle of the manwhore variety. Due to the story being given to us in dual POV, we get his high opinion of himself, his attractiveness to women, and his skill in avoiding commitment. I had some serious doubts that Ryan could change my low opinion of him. I love being proven wrong.

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