In The Woods by Tana French

In The Woods (Dublin Murder Squad)

by Tana French

When he was twelve years old, Adam Ryan went playing in the woods with his two best friends. He never saw them again. Their bodies were never found, and Adam himself was discovered with his back pressed against an oak tree and his shoes filled with blood. He had no memory of what had happened.

Twenty years on, Rob Ryan - the child who came back - is a detective in the Dublin police force. He's changed his name. No one knows about his past. Then a little girl's body is found at the site of the old tragedy and Rob is drawn back into the mystery. Knowing that he would be thrown off the case if his past were revealed, Rob takes a fateful decision to keep quiet but hope that he might also solve the twenty-year-old mystery of the woods.

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5 of 5 stars

I wasn't sure what I expected when I picked this up. But I enjoyed the twists and turns. I think French did an excellent job with mystery and the creepiness. She really sets you up for one thing and then in the end surprises you. I found myself frustrated because I just didn't expect anything that happened. Which I think says a lot about how great a book is. I absolutely loved the way she formulates the characters. I'll be picking up and reading the next in the series for sure.

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