The Free Bastards by Jonathan French

The Free Bastards (Lot Lands, #3)

by Jonathan French


The long-awaited war has come in the sweeping conclusion to the Lot Lands trilogy, which began with Jonathan French's critically acclaimed debut The Grey Bastards.

War has come to the Lot Lands - and Oats stands upon the frontline. The formidable armies on the horizon are bolstered by divine champions, dread sorcerers and gunpowder. But Oats has won impossible fights before. He's a thriceblood, after all, more orc than man. And he hasn't forgotten how to kill. He'll stack the bodies high for his chief and his brethren, if that's the price of freeing the Lots from human tyranny.

Besides, the invading forces are getting a damned sight more than they bargained for. They're not facing a handful of half-orc hoofs, but a true army - one forged from all the peoples of the Lots. At its head are Fetching, in full command of the ruinous power that runs through her veins, and Jackal, armed with the blessings of a dead god.

Brimming with epic battles, surprising sorcery and fiendish twists, The Free Bastards is the rousing final instalment to Jonathan French's vastly popular Lot Lands trilogy.

Praise for the Lot Lands series:

'An addictively readable - and undeniably cool - fantasy masterwork' Kirkus

'If you're looking for a filthy, fierce, fun-fuelled read, then the Bastards have got you covered' Fantasy Hive

'A gritty adventure with a fantastic, foul-mouthed voice' Django Wexler

'A bloody good tale of battle, betrayal and war pigs' Brian McClellan

'Jonathan French has to be lauded for his plot ingenuity, bawdry charm and vicious characters.' Fantasy Book Critic

'I'd like to raise a tankard to The Grey Bastards' brilliance' Fantasy Faction

Reviewed by Ashley on

5 of 5 stars


I was originally going to give this 4.5 stars because I did struggle a little at the beginning. I found it a little hard to get into The Free Bastards because there wasn't a lot of reminder about what happened in the previous books. I was a little lost with things. I really could have benefited from a “the story so far” recap.

But the second half of the book made up for that and more. That's when it really took off in an intense, emotional, heart-wrenching way. God I love this series. I was just about sobbing at the end with so many feelings. Really sad it's all over now!

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