The Last Watch by J S Dewes

The Last Watch (Divide Series, #1)

by J. S. Dewes

The Divide.

It's the edge of the universe.

Now it's collapsing-and taking everyone and everything with it.

The only ones who can stop it are the Sentinels-the recruits, exiles, and court-martialed dregs of the military.

At the Divide, Adequin Rake commands the Argus. She has no resources, no comms-nothing, except for the soldiers that no one wanted. Her ace in the hole could be Cavalon Mercer--genius, asshole, and exiled prince who nuked his grandfather's genetic facility for "reasons."

She knows they're humanity's last chance.

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I'm kind of picky about my science fiction. It just takes a very specific story and vibe to get me into it. The Last Watch was PERFECT.

First: I loved the story. “The Expanse meets Game of Thrones" (specifically The Night's Watch part of it) is pretty accurate and I loved that. But the characters are what really won me over. This book has a hell of a page one and it continues that hilarious attitude throughout the whole story.

Great story, gripping action, hilarious characters… This book rocks!

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