The last novella to read before I dive into re-reading the full-length Throne of Glass novels. This novella broke me because it’s the moment where I found out how and why Sam died. If you read the previous novella, The Assassin and the Underworld, then you would’ve found out that Sam confessed his love for Celaena. I knew that there was not going to be a HEA for these two characters because I’ve read the first four novels of the series, but it still was hard to read this novella knowing that Celaena would lose the one person who loved her. 

This novella will also shed some light on how evil Arobynn really is when it comes to Celaena. I’m not too fond of his character. I think I’ve mentioned in my review of the previous novella how much I can’t stand him.

This novella also leads to how Celaena ended up in the Salt Mines and as a prisoner to the King of Adarlan. It’s a big shock how she was captured because she’s the best Assassin out there next to Arobynn. I felt for Celaena in this novella and know she will fight back into the full-length novels. It’s hard knowing how Sam was killed. 🙁 This novella put me through the wringer with one particular scene. Sarah J. Maas did a fantastic job with this novella, and I’m diving right into the first full-length novel now. I’m ready for my re-read of the series, so I can finally read the final book. It’s going to be hard to let go of this world.

Would I recommend this novella? Yes, most definitely. This is one novella that readers should read before diving into the series if you haven’t read it before.

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