The Assassin and the Underworld novella is about 100+ pages long, so it didn’t take long to read. Celaena has returned from the Red Desert and is ready for her next assignment from Arobynn. Although Celaena is also prepared to tell him, he will no longer own her after she gives him the trunks filled with gold that she received from the Mute Master after saving his life. One last job, and she’s done with Arobynn. Unfortunately, this novella will show Celaena who she can truly trust and who she can’t trust. 

I enjoyed this novella because it gives us the moment where Sam revealed his feelings to Celaena. (It’s about time that he told his true feelings to her.) It also puts Celaena in a tricky spot, where she has to choose her life between the Assassin Guild and Sam. The last job that Arobynn gives Celaena ends up being something that she should’ve questioned before doing since Arobynn is going to do something unthinkable.

If I were Celaena, I would’ve given the gold to Arobynn right away and not taking any mission from him. He is evil. He hurt her before going to the Red Desert, which is unforgivable. I can’t stand Arobynn!!! This is one novella that is a must to read before diving into full-length novels. Why? Because you get to find out how Arobynn is and find out about Sam.

Would I recommend this novella? Yes. This novella may make you mad, but it sets up what is to come next in Celaena’s story. It’s not going to be easy for Celaena.

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