This will be a short review of The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (I read in The Assassin’s Blade, which includes all the novellas to the Throne of Glass series.) This was the first time I read the novella, and I’m actually doing a re-read of the Throne of Glass series, so I can finally read the last book in the series. I’ve been holding off for so long because I loved this world that Sarah J. Maas created. 

I liked being able to read the beginning of Celaena Sardothien’s story in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. I forgot how young she was in the beginning and how she became a part of the Assassin’s Guild. I was also introduced to Sam Cortland and Arobynn Hamel. It was great to get to know Sam Cortland since he’s only a memory in the series. Arobynn Hamel is not someone I would want to mess with after what Celaena and Sam did in this novella to him. Celaena may be young, but if she knows something is wrong (like slavery in this novella), she will do anything to make it right, even defy Aryobynn. 

Would I recommend this novella? This was a short novella, but it gave me a glimpse into Celaena’s world before the first full-length novel in the Throne of Glass series. I give it four stars and recommend it to readers who want to get to know the main character of the series better. I’m so happy for finally diving back into this series, even though I know there is an ending to it. I need to re-read it and finally read the last book. It’s time.

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