This is the first book I’ve ever read by Amanda Bouchet, and I’m regretting that I haven’t read her books sooner. This author knows how to engage a reader in the story and keep the reader turning the pages (flipping through pages on a Kindle in this case.)

Nightchaser is what I would describe as a sci-fi romance story with some Star Wars elements to it. I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, so believe me I enjoyed reading this book by Amanda Bouchet.

Nightchaser starts with a dramatic scene to it, which is why I mentioned in the beginning that this book is a page-turner. You’ll need to read the rest of the book to find out what is happening. There also involves one kick-butt female character. I’m a HUGE fan of female characters that can hold their own and Captain Tess Bailey is just that plus more in the story.

Captain Tess Bailey and her crew onboard the Endeavor are trying to avoid capture by a vicious dark General who is out to get Tess, especially since she stole something significant. She’s not willing to give up that easy though. She’s on a mission, and she will not let some General ruined those plans.

She ends up avoiding capture barely at the beginning of the story, and now she has to trust Shade Ganavan on fixing her ship so that she can continue on her mission. Shade though may have his own agenda after he finds out how much Tess is worth to capture.

Amanda did a fantastic job keeping me engaged in the story, especially since this is the first book for her new series. I loved how all the characters on the Endeavor came together. Each has their own story to tell, but definitely, Tess’s is the most fascinating at the moment. The ending of the story is what had me in shock. It was a, ‘What happened kind of shock and what is going on here?” I’m interested in where Amanda takes it next in her 2nd book in the series. I need more of Tess and Shade though after this book.

If you are looking for a book that has an action-packed storyline, sci-fi elements and some romance to it, then you’ll need to check out Nightchaser. This is one of my 2019 highly recommended books at the moment, and I’m anxiously waiting for the second book now. I give this book 4.5 stars and now have Amanda Bouchet as an auto-buy author. Now, I need to find time to read her other books she has written that I’ve read reviews on that is just as addicting as Nightchaser.

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