I'm starting The Expanse series in chronological order for my first full read through, and Drive is an absolutely wonderful introduction to the world.

Drive is a short read (only about 30 pages), but it packs a lot of worldbuilding into that short word count. It introduces us to the politics of the system, the antagonism between Earth and Mars, and even gives real-world points of comparison in an organic way to really make a reader immersed in the world.

Not only is this a solid prequel that sets up the world, but it's also got a likeable, driven, awkward character in the form of Solomon Epstein, the creator of the Epstein Drive that is so central to The Expanse universe. We get to know him as a person through his friends, and his wife, and it's easy to connect with him, giving the reader an emotional hook.

Whether you're new to the series, a hardcore fan, or are starting the series from scratch having only read a few books out of order, like me, Drive is a great place to start!

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