The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner

The Serpent King

by Jeff Zentner

Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal
Winner of the American Library Association Morris Award for best debut YA
Winner of the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Award for Young Adult Fiction
A Buzzfeed Best of 2016 book
Goodreads Choice Awards finalist
A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2016
Publishers Weekly Best of 2016

Dill is a misfit in his small, religious Tennessee town. His dad is in prison for a shocking crime, and his mom is struggling to make ends meet. The only things getting Dill through senior year are his guitar and his fellow outcasts, Travis and Lydia.

Travis is an oddball who finds comfort from his violent home life in an epic fantasy book series. And Lydia is like no one else: fast-talking, creative and fiercely protective. Dill fears his heart will break when she escapes to a better life elsewhere. What Dill needs now is some bravery to tell Lydia how he feels, to go somewhere with his music – and to face the hardest test of all when tragedy strikes.

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5 of 5 stars

Woow.. this novel was something else !! I was completely taken in by this one and finished it the same day. I LOVED IT.

It was a very emotional read for me, my mood changed with the MC's. When they were down, I was down, when they were happy, I was happy. And yes, I cried, MULTIPLE TIMES.
This novel has a bit of a dark ambiance that put me in a sad mood.. But it was totally worth it.

All three of the MC's had their own problems, but they made each other stronger and relied on one other. They had such a strong friendship, even though they were very different, they fit perfect in their imperfection, like a little band of misfits.

I have a hard time putting down in words what this book did to me.. but it was such a strong and powerful novel. It had an impact. I would recommend this book to everyone, it is really worth taking your time for.

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