The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston

The Traitor God (The Age of Tyranny, #1)

by Cameron Johnston

A city threatened by unimaginable horrors must trust their most hated outcast, or lose everything, in this crushing epic fantasy debut.

After ten years on the run, dodging daemons and debt, reviled magus Edrin Walker returns home to avenge the brutal murder of his friend. Lynas had uncovered a terrible secret, something that threatened to devour the entire city. He tried to warn the Arcanum, the mageocracy who rule the city. He failed.

Lynas was skinned alive and Walker felt every cut. Now nothing will stop him from finding the murderer. Magi, mortals, daemons, and even the gods – Walker will burn them all if he has to.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s killed a god...

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4 of 5 stars


There was a lot going on in this book. There were a ton of magical elements and history lessons just tossed in; I'm pretty certain I didn't properly absorb most of it. But this was a damn entertaining story. The main character was a delight to be with and I'm still LOLing at his magical hair.

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    The MC just pulled lice out of his pubic hair. I can't even.
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    "mottled hide covered its weeping sores, its empty breasts flapping loose." Well that's a visual.
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