So, thanks to a series of events, I ended up with two copies of Star Daughter. The first from BOTM, and the second from Owlcrate. Whoops! On the bright side, that was all the motivation I needed to read and review this book!

Written by Shveta Thakrar, this is the tale of Sheetal Mistry, and her biggest secret. You see, she's the daughter of a star. A literal star, not simply a famous person. That makes her part star by birth.
Her birthright is about to claim her, and pull her into an adventure like no other. It will challenge her, and pull at her heartstrings. It will force her to make the hard decisions, but in the end, Sheetal could end up a better person, or star, for it.

“She was nothing but the words of a story, one tale weaving imperceptibly into the next. She was the loom that wove the tapestry. She was the tapestry that joined all things.”

Star Daughter was a rich and fascinating novel, emulating the brilliance of the stars themselves in a heartwarming tale. It was nothing like what I expected, but it was captivating all the same.

I'll confess that I actually did struggle to get into Star Daughter, at least at first. I think it took me two tries to dig in. But once I got past the first few chapters, I found myself hooked. I loved the world, especially all of the lore hinted throughout the novel.

Truthfully, I lived for those details. It's what brought the whole story to life for me, fleshing it out and making me desperate for more. I could have lived on the lore alone. Would have happily read another book full of it.

That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy Sheetal's story, because I certainly did. It reminded me of how the past and the present can work together. How one affects the other. In that sense, Star Daughter was really beautifully done.

I also loved many of the messages in this novel, about loving and respecting yourself, about change, and inspiration. It was wonderful, and very powerful. I can see why so many people ended up loving it as much as they did.

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