I received a copy of How to Be Ace in exchange for a fair and honest review.

How to Be Ace was written and illustrated by Rebecca Burgess, and it is a moving (and real-life) story of what it is like to grow up while being ace – all without knowing that term, or what it means, until later in life.

This is a powerful, and wonderful read. Rebecca Burgess did a fantastic job of infusing her personality and story into these pages, making it all come to life, while being highly relatable. Seriously, I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about asexuality, whether you are learning more about yourself, or somebody in your life.

One of the many details I found myself loving about this graphic novel, is that Burgess took the time to talk about different sexuality, many of which tend to just get lumped in with asexuality. I hope at least one person reads this and finds it insightful.

Burgess also talks a lot about growing up with OCD, anxiety, and introversion. It's a complex combination, all of which just makes her story all the more impactful. It's so easy to relate to her journey, made all the easier by the endearing art style.

Overall, this is a highly uplifting read. One that shows one person's journey, and the struggles they found along the way. And yet there's always a sense of light to be found, and that is one of the many things that makes this a remarkable read.

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