The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

The Hunter (Victorian Rebels, #2)

by Kerrigan Byrne

Christopher Argent is London's deadliest hitman, never failing to take down a mark. That is, until a contract on the life of the stunningly beautiful actress Millie LeCour causes him to stay his hand. Overwhelmed by the passion that simmers between them, Christopher cannot complete his mission. But the intricacies of her situation run deep, and he will be bound to Millie as danger closes in. Millie is torn by the rush of fear-and surge of desire-she feels when she learns who Christopher is. But her pathway to safety leads her straight to his sinful arms, and each time is harder to resist. As everything she holds clear is threatened, Millie and Christopher must learn to trust-and give in to the desires that tempt them-if they are to save each other.

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The second time was better...

I absolutely LOVED my re-read/listen of The Hunter. I've actually bumped up my rating from 4 to 5 stars. It definitely has to do with Derek Perkins' narration but I think it also had a lot to do with understanding these characters better the second time. Maybe I shouldn't have adjusted my ratings considering I know Millie and Sargent better because of my love for the Victorian Rebels. But, my heart was pounding, emotions were involved, and I was sucked in as if this was the first time reading/listening to The Hunter. So, that's got to be reason enough to adjust my rating.

I am so excited that I'm getting to experience the audio versions of the Victorian Rebels. Each instalment, so far, is like I'm meeting the characters for the first time. I'm giddy from start to finish and I'm sure that I'm wearing a goofy grin...even though these are quite dark stories.

Kerrigan Byrne you are a LEGEND! Thank you for this series.


The hunter falls for his prey...

Kids these days have it SO good. Just today I asked my son three times to get out of his pyjamas and unpack the dishwasher, with a *yeah, yeah, Mum, soon* response. When I walked away with his iPad telling him he could MAYBE have it back if he did what I asked, the indignation on his face was PRICELESS. How dare I ask him to do his chores and make him stop having fun for 5 minutes…10 minutes tops? Back in my day, we didn’t have a choice and I wouldn’t have DREAMED of disobeying my parents.

The Hunter reminded me that we all take for granted our freedom and choices. Newgate Prison is a sad start to anyone’s life. Christopher Argent was born in Newgate Prison to his prostitute mother. It’s pretty obvious that the prison system was very corrupt. His mother’s death is horrific and we see through Christopher’s eyes what she endured. This and his subsequent years at Newgate made Christopher into the man he became. Argent is a cold and emotionless Hunter.

Millie LeCour is a very beautiful and famous actress. Men love her and women want to be her. Her flirting and art in gaining attention from the lords of the ton, make her seem like a seductress, but the truth is that she’s just a really REALLY good actress. Her love and devotion is and will always be for the one male in her life, her son, Jakub. Her work and decision-making are based solely on making Jakub happy and content. In the spotlight she is beauty and grace, at home she’s just Mama who pretends to know nothing when Jakub is doing his homework so he has to explain it to her. In other words, she’s just a normal Mum. Unfortunately, Millie has secrets and one of them has put them in danger. A very big and scary man is out to get them.

Argent takes his job of Hunter very, very seriously. He does not show emotions and he does not feel emotions. When Argent takes on the job of killing Millie, he goes to great lengths to know his prey. All his plans get completely derailed when he sees her. For some strange reason, he starts to feel something for her. He can’t make himself do the job and ends up becoming her protector instead of The Hunter and the killer he was hired to be.

I really enjoyed The Hunter. This was a historical romance with suspense, murder, friendship, and love. The steamy scenes were HOT!! The suspense kept me riveted and I was excited that I had guessed right at who was the mastermind in the end. The murders were a little grotesque and the villain in the story made my skin crawl.

I loved that we get to catch up with a few friends from The Highwayman including Dorian, Farrah, Gemma, Dorian’s gang and Morley.

I am now a confirmed Kerrigan Byrne fan. Her storylines are riveting and the characters we meet are interesting and original. I wait with bated breath for The Highlander.

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