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Kelly: When we originally made plans to read book 1 together, I had no idea that I’d be consumed by this world. Sure, I’ve been known to get a little obsessive before *looks everywhere but at my BDB books*

Amanda: *laughs because it’s SO TRUE*

Kelly: But I really wasn’t expecting the level of awesomeness that I found. The worldbuilding is just phenomenal.

Amanda: I really like the worldbuilding, too. Though I don’t know that I felt fully comfortable until over halfway through this one. Now that I do, though, I’m loving these books even more. And I like that we finally got more explanations about the world. It’s really starting to come together for me now, and I’m achin — yes, ACHING — to get to the next book.

Kelly: I have a soft spot for broken cities but this takes things to a whole new level. I mean… whoa. I can see the Honeycomb and the buildings that are sliding into dust. It’s frightening and chilling and I pretty much love it.

Amanda: It is very frightening. You know what else is kind of frightening?

Kelly: Clowns?

Amanda: Um…no. Curran.

Kelly: That was my second guess. Maybe my third. The whole food thing. THE FOOD THING! OMG! *swoon*

Amanda: I loved the food thing! I may have also swooned a little right at the end, too. I love that Kate is the one who is resisting everything, and Curran is slowly staking his territory.

Kelly: I know! He’s working that predatory beast angle like a boss, isn’t he?

Amanda: Rawr. I’m hoping for an epic showdown of some kind in the next book between Kate and Curran. And by showdown, you know I mean sexy times.

Kelly: I bet you Curran’s a beast in bed. -pause- Yes, I went there. I couldn’t stop myself.

Amanda: I’d be more surprised if a) you hadn’t gone there or b) you stopped yourself. You have expectations to live up to, you know. I also want to find out who Kate’s father is.

Kelly: As long as it’s not Curran, I’ll be happy.

Amanda: o.O Yeah, I’m guessing we’re safe on that one. I mean, we still haven’t learned who daddy dearest is, but I’d put money down that Curran isn’t it. We are also slowly starting to learn just how powerful Kate is. Of course, we usually learn more about Kate through all of the things she should not be able to do if she was just a human, but actually can do.

Kelly: She’s keeping such a tight leash on herself you have to figure that she’s like a powder keg waiting to explode. I feel for her.

Amanda: I would really like to learn more about Kate in the coming books. Do you know what else I like about these books, Kelly?

Kelly: The possibility of giraffe shifters popping up?

Amanda: I do like when giraffe shifters pop up. I just plain love my stalking giraffe shifters. Can I have a giraffe shifter demesne in addition to my #NakedWerewolf demesne? But uh, that wasn’t what I was going to say. Stop distracting me with thoughts of giraffe shifters! Anyway. I was going to say that I like the side characters. Especially Derek, the teenage werewolf.

Kelly: OMG! Yes! I love Derek! His story killed me. I want to cuddle him and feed him chicken soup and tell him that everything’s going to be all right.

Amanda: All of them are so much fun, and have enough depth to make them real and integral to Kate and her story.

Kelly: I absolutely agree. This is one series that feels multifaceted and HUGE between the worldbuilding and the secondary characters. LOVE!

Amanda: *falls over in a puddle of love for this series*

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