Morning Flower by Amanda Hocking

Morning Flower (Omte Origins, #2)

by Amanda Hocking

Welcome to a world in the shadow of our own, a fairy-tale land where the dangers are real . . . In this second book in the Omte Origins trilogy, Amanda Hocking creates a new adventure in her much-loved Trylle universe.

Will she finally discover her true home?

In the beautiful city of Merella, Ulla, Pan and Eliana made an incredible discovery. Determined to learn more, they embark on a quest that takes them across the world, to find an ancient city that may hold the key to Ulla's heritage. But powerful enemies are close behind - and they're catching up fast.

While Ulla and Pan race to unlock the past, they discover an earth-shattering secret. This will challenge everything they thought they knew about the troll world. And Eliana must make a difficult choice, with far-reaching consequences. As their enemies draw closer, even the strongest bonds of friendship will be tested. But will they break at last?

'Addictive' - Guardian on the Trylle trilogy

'Drew me in and kept me hooked' - Sunday Express on the Trylle trilogy

The Morning Flower is the second book in the Omte Odyssey by Amanda Hocking.

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5 of 5 stars

In this second novel we continue to follow Ulla on her hunt to find her parents and along with this a quest to find the quirky Eliana which we met in book one. These kind of stories always hook me cause their a mystery to be solved and usually it involves something way bigger then what we thought.

The world building for this series is phenomenal and i really can see myself as we travel to find the lost city. I hurt for Ulla as she uncovers things about her mom and farther that were complete out left field. We don’t learn much about Eliana or even see her on this part of the adventure.

I really love how this series is playing out but now i sad cause i have to wait tell January 2021 to see how it all ends.

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