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This was everything I love about this series: great friendships, fun mystery, a bit of light magic and action, and character growth. This one had me tearing up quite a bit - both in joy and in sadness. All the FEELS!

As the cover suggests, this book is the long-awaited wedding between our favorite witch Holly and her dog-shifter fiancé, Adam. I loved the wedding planning elements of this - Holly took her time getting ready to make this step and now they're pushing along and we (along with Holly) are starting to see one of the underlying reasons she may have been dragging her feet a bit. And as you begin to understand, the waterworks begin (at least for me, who can easily empathize with her situation). And, of course, Adam's parents are in town for the wedding - which is always interesting.

Meanwhile, things have come along with their Inn and I'm loving seeing their business up and running. The excitement for this book comes with Lacey who booked their Inn to hold a vampire meeting. Lacey wasn't exactly forthcoming, though, and what seemed would be a casual event is actually very tense and gets a bit explosive. This is where the mystery and action center in and sparks do fly! It was great seeing Lacey again as well.

And then there's the friendships and character growth - which are actually huge parts of the wedding (planning and event) as well as Lacey's vampire meeting. But other developments loom large throughout the book, from Posey and Earl's return from their ghost vacation to Harmony's studying to be a potion master. It was just great and yep, tears!

I, of course, listened to this one as I have the whole series. I say of course, because Amanda Ronconi is the narrator and I pretty much never miss an opportunity to listen to her. She delivers the humor and personalities perfectly. I look forward to listening to more from this series... I hope there's more, at least. The way it ended could be the perfect segway into more, or a really good series ending. Yikes, I hope it's former!

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