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I needed to see her clear of that DOUCHEWAFFLE!

I really enjoyed listening to Believe in Me and I'm so glad that Renee got rid of her lying and cheating husband. Surprisingly, this was a little darker than I expected, with a hero who has a murky past... that's not completely in his past. I found it a little confronting that Lorenzo could so easily slip back into intimidation and threats. They weren't against the heroine, so it wasn't all bad.

There were emotional ups and downs which I've come to expect in Alexandria House's stories. Communication is the key and it takes a wee while for both Lorenzo and Renee to be on the same page.

As I said above, a little bit darker than I expected but I still enjoyed the journey. Will I go on? I don't think so. Nicole's character is a little too comfortable with cheating on her boyfriends and is very focused on getting herself a 'Sugar Daddy'. I'm sure she will come good by the end, but I don't think I'm the right audience for her journey to happy ever after.

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