After reading Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, I knew I wanted to read Aurora Rising. Illuminae unfortunately didn't work for me because of its unusual format, but this book is written in the traditional format and the synopsis sounded appealing to me. Moreover, my expectations were set high because of all the hype the ARC of Aurora Rising was receiving. Did this book live up to the hype for me?


As stated before, my expectations for Aurora Rising were set really high. Many bloggers and reviewers were excited about this book and gave the ARC positive reviews. As soon as I found the audiobook, I saved it. However, I was not able to read it straight away because Scribd was being annoying. Needless to say is that this book, after I was able to read it, met my expectations and I loved it.


In Aurora Rising we follow a group of students form Aurora Academy who are on their first mission after graduation. They were the misfits, the outsiders of the academy and had to form a squad as circumstances forced them to. Their alfa, Tyler, did something and that left the squad with Aurora, a mysterious girl out of time and space. Together, they got into a lot of adventures and...... trouble. Aurora might be the key to it all and a war has been started because of her.

What makes Aurora (Auri) so special? That's a question that will be on your mind for a big part of the book. You know something is up, but you don't know what and therefore you stay curious. At least, I did. When all came out, the adventures of the squad got bigger and more exciting. I loved the group dynamics of this squad, they were so much better than in The Gilded Wolves or Six Of Crows. I liked the squad and they kept me sucked into this book.

Another great thing about Aurora Rising is the fact that even the squad does not know what will come next, so neither do you as reader. Furthermore, this book is full of diversity. Different races, disabilities, this book has it all. And then there is a twist at the end that I didn't see coming and I'm really curious how the follow-up will be in the sequel. All ingredients for a five-star read.

I really enjoyed my read of Aurora Rising and I'm glad I gave this book a chance.

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