As the Shadow Rises by Katy Rose Pool

As the Shadow Rises (Age of Darkness, #2)

by Katy Rose Pool

As the Shadow Rises is the spectacular second novel in Katy Rose Pool's Age of Darkness trilogy - a modern fantasy blockbuster packed with magic, prophecy and adventure.

Katy Rose Pool 's showstopping fantasy debut There Will Come a Darkness began an epic tale of thrilling magic, ancient prophecy and five lives who could stop the approaching Age of Darkness - or unleash it.

Now the adventure continues in As the Shadow Rises, as the forces of light and darkness collide - and the end of the world begins.

'Katy Rose Pool is a writer to watch' Sebastien De Castell

'There Will Come a Darkness is a can't-miss debut from an exciting new talent' Kiersten White

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I read and really fell in love with There Will Come a Darkness last year, especially the characters. So I was super excited to join back up with the gang in this sequel! (To be wholly honest, I thought this was a duology. I have no idea why I thought that, but I did. It isn't, there is definitely a third book!) Anyway, I am going to get my only negative out of the way first: I did have a bit of trouble getting back into it, remembering who/what/where everyone was, etc. There are quite a few main characters, and they ended up all over the place, and I did struggle a little at the start. But it was totally worth it, because once I got into it, I really got into it!

The characters, as in the first book, are just the best. They are all so incredibly well-developed, with such complex personalities and story arcs, yet still it doesn't feel overwhelming. Their relationships with each other are equally complex, and so well done. I loved wondering who was going to meet up with who, and whether they'd fight or join forces!

As for the stakes, they're sky high. We learn in book one that there is a doomsday prophecy of sorts, and so you can imagine that everyone is on edge, and rightfully so. There are factions who want the prophecy to come to fruition, those who don't, and those who have their own agendas entirely. It's good stuff, especially when you grow to care about the characters so much that you can kind of see everyone's points of view. Makes for some awesome gray morality, which I love! And frankly, the whole thing was just plain entertaining!

Bottom Line: A very solid sequel that features all the characters we've grown to love, along with an exciting morally gray plot. Looking very forward to the next book!

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