I was really curious about this novel, I LOVE Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows series and enjoyed most of the Shadow and Bone series. Of course this is supposed to be completely different; this one is adult whereas the others are YA, but I did expect more of the gripping writing I got used to her other books.
It took me almost 3 weeks to get through this.
It is not a short story, just short of 500 pages, but that should not make a difference if a story is compelling enough. I had to push myself to continue and it only got some real action towards the last couple of chapters.
I did like the setting, the whole creepy haunted feeling that came with it.. But that did not make up for the rest of it.
I would like to give this one 3.5 stars, but since that is not possible I'm going for the 3, can't give this 4 stars, it was not good enough for me for that.
I am planning to read the next one, hope it will get better and like the way the story was going.

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