Acorna by Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Ball

Acorna (The Acorna, #1)

by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball

Three old space mining prospectors in their beat-up space ship discover a small pod floating in space. Inside is a tiny girl child, with funny little hooves, a wealth of silver hair growing on her body, and a lump in the middle of her forehead which, as time elapses, grows into a horn. It is a sort of unicorn.

When the old prospectors come to sell their ores on the home planet controversy breaks out. Bureaucrats want to put her in a home and cut off her deformity, scientists want to study her and isolate her, and so the old three kidnap her back on their ship and go roaring off round the universe, having adventures, saving her, and finally having her save all the child slaves on a terrible planet called Kezdet. It is space opera at it's best and will be followed by more in the series, no doubt tracing Acorna to her home planet.

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2 of 5 stars

Surprisingly dark for what I thought would be a fun sci-fi romp featuring a unicorn girl. The writing was simplistic and uneven, and couldn't pull off what it attempted. The plot had little direction and didn't manage to create any tension.

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