The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea (Embraced by Magic, #2)

by Kerrelyn Sparks

Perfect for fans of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series and  G.A. Aiken’s The Blacksmith Queen, New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks combines humor, action, and love in the electrifying new book in her thrilling fantasy series.
Four sisters have become queens, rulers of all that Aerthlan’s two moons embrace. The last sister will forge her own path . . .
Signs and Seals
Raised on the magic-seeped Isle of Moon, Maeve is used to unusual powers—and the way they fuel the politics of her world. But when she discovers an ability to shape-shift at will, she knows who she wants to share it with first. Brody, the enigmatic, infuriating shifter-spy has always made time for Maeve. But it’s been almost two months since she’s seen him. And though no one else believes Brody is in danger, Maeve is more than ready to rescue him herself.
The rumors Brody’s investigating are terrifying: a secret army of magic-users, in the service of the cruel Circle of Five. But when he uncovers the identity of one of the Five, the mission becomes personal. Cursed as a boy by the Sea Witch, Brody can spend only two hours a day in his human form, a restriction that limits his future and muzzles his heart. Plus Maeve teases him for being such a pretty doggy instead of appreciating his manly charms. To win his freedom, he must take on a terrible disguise. And when Maeve finds out, she’ll unleash a tempest like no other . . .

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I want to be Embraced

There is something exhilarating about coming to the end of a book or series and knowing that everything has come together perfectly. While it did take me a wee while to get sucked into The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea, once things started to happen, I couldn’t stop. I even downloaded it to my phone to get a little sneaky reading in here and there. So much sneakier than dragging around my big and cumbersome Kindle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle but it’s definitely my ‘at home’ device for reading.

Anyways… I loved seeing all of the pieces fall into place and getting the shock of my life when the surprise unveiling of royalty took place. Knock me over with a feather, I did not see it coming. All of the royalty in this series are down to earth and very likeable. A little like the young English monarchy – they appear friendly, approachable, and almost normal. Sure, they have guards, servants, and minders, but they also appear to be willing to get their hands dirty. In this story, I think they are normal because they haven’t been hiding in their castles while someone else deals with problems. They have had to face and fight their enemies while also keeping their loved ones safe.

I loved getting to know Maeve and Brody better… while they got to know each other better. It does take time for them to trust each other and the feelings that have always simmered between them. If anything, they’ve had to learn to trust that the feelings won’t disappear once all of their secrets have been exposed. Brody is not sure he wants Maeve to sacrifice her life with someone cursed. Maeve is sure that her family baggage will make him run for the hills. Communication is the key, and once it’s all out on the table they realise that their love for each other will conquer all obstacles.

The second half of The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea was fast-paced, exciting and highly informative. Sure, stuff happened in the first half but I admit that it didn’t have my heart pumping as the second half did.

I have really enjoyed reading The Embraced series. Their world was easy to imagine, the characters were original, lovable, and determined to bring peace, and the love stories were sweet. I highly recommend giving this series a try, but you must…start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

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