The Golden Compass was definitely not for me. At all. It was too young for me. Or I was too old for it. Either way, I just did not get it. Apparently something known as Gobblers are kidnapping children and doing terrible things to them, because it's a children's book and that seems to be a popular plot. Lyra's uncle is also being held prisoner for some such reason, and she wants to rescue him and the children and find out what they're doing to them. There's also some mysterious thing known as Dust. And talking bears, and whatever. I didn't care.

I really just did not like The Golden Compass at all. I definitely think it comes down to me not being the right audience, but I tried to think if my younger self would have liked it, and I decided on no. Mainly for one reason. What is the point of daemons? I think they're a great idea. Apparently everyone has a daemon, which is a shapeshifting, talking, animal companion. I want one, but I don't get them. This is set in an alternate history version of our world, but there is no explanation to the existence of these creatures. They're a super important part of the plot, too, but I needed to know what they are, how they work, why they're there, and so on. It was just kind of like they exist because they do, and that's all you need to know. At least until there was some info dump about Adam and Eve, and I was like oh gosh. No way.

I also really did not like Lyra. She's a masterful liar, which just bothered me. Not so much that she lies a lot (although for the greater good) but because everyone believes her without question. Adults (and talking bears) are stupid and have no reason to doubt anything coming out of the mouth of such a precious, innocent child. Right. I got really annoyed whenever she started making stuff up and whoever she was leading on just ate it all up.

The Golden Compass didn't work for me at all. I do think it has some great ideas, but the lack of explanations for anything made me not enjoy it. Maybe kids don't need those details, just tell them something is because it is and they accept that. I can't. This made it hard for me to care about the characters or their journey, and I most definitely will not be continuing the series.

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