City of Stone and Silence by Django Wexler

City of Stone and Silence (Wells of Sorcery Trilogy, #2)

by Django Wexler

Django Wexler's City of Stone and Silence is the second book in the cinematic fantasy Wells of Sorcery Trilogy featuring a fierce young woman skilled in the art of combat magic on an epic mission to steal a ghost ship.

After surviving the Vile Rot, Isoka, Meroe, and the rest of Soliton’s crew finally arrive at Soliton's mysterious destination, the Harbor—a city of great stone ziggurats, enshrouded in a ghostly veil of Eddica magic. And they're not alone.

Royalty, monks, and madmen live in a precarious balance, and by night take shelter from monstrous living corpses. None know how to leave the Harbor, but if Isoka can't find a way to capture Soliton and return it to the Emperor's spymaster before a year is up, her sister's Tori's life will be forfeit.

But there's more to Tori's life back in Kahnzoka than the comfortable luxury Isoka intended for her. By night, she visits the lower wards, risking danger to help run a sanctuary for mage-bloods fleeing the Emperor's iron fist. When she discovers that Isoka is missing, her search takes her deep in the mires of intrigue and revolution. And she has her own secret—the power of Kindre, the Well of Mind, which can bend others to its will. Though she's spent her life denying this brutal magic, Tori will use whatever means she has to with Isoka's fate on the line...

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So...the downside to reading an arc is that - when it's a *good* arc - you have to wait THAT MUCH LONGER FOR THE NEXT ONE. And such is the case here. The book is out now, but that doesn't help a whole lot!

A great continuation of the first book, but with the added element of switching chapters between Isoka and her sister Tori, back at home and living a life of luxury (or so Isoka believes). The interesting thing about the switching viewpoints is that Tori tells us more about Isoka, which gives us a much more rounded picture of her.

I look forward to the next book, as I'm very curious where events will lead (no spoilers) with both of them - and will there be a third viewpoint that comes into play? Essentially, the worldbuilding thus far in the first two books is FANTASTIC, and the characters are wonderful. Read them.

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