So...the downside to reading an arc is that - when it's a *good* arc - you have to wait THAT MUCH LONGER FOR THE NEXT ONE. And such is the case here. The book is out now, but that doesn't help a whole lot!

A great continuation of the first book, but with the added element of switching chapters between Isoka and her sister Tori, back at home and living a life of luxury (or so Isoka believes). The interesting thing about the switching viewpoints is that Tori tells us more about Isoka, which gives us a much more rounded picture of her.

I look forward to the next book, as I'm very curious where events will lead (no spoilers) with both of them - and will there be a third viewpoint that comes into play? Essentially, the worldbuilding thus far in the first two books is FANTASTIC, and the characters are wonderful. Read them.

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