The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz

The Mistress (The Original Sinners: The Red Years, #4) (Original Sinners, #4)

by Tiffany Reisz

She is addictive...irresistible

Nora Sutherlin, Dominatrix-turned-literary-star, is held prisoner by two dangerous men. Under different circumstances she would enjoy this immensely. These men aren't lovers, however, but tools of vengeance from an old adversary. Possessor of the hearts of two men, she plays her hardest hand

But her captor isn't interested in play. Or pity. In Nora's world, however, no one is ever truly powerless. Her friends and lovers will do anything to save her - even if the only certainty seems to be sacrifice and heartbreak. The stakes are high in a dangerous game of love, lust and passion

The Original Sinners Series: The Red Years

Book 1: The Siren

Book 2: The Angel

Book 3: The Prince

Book 4: The Mistress

The Original Sinners continues with The White Years

Book 1: The Saint

Praise for Tiffany Reisz

'Dazzling, devastating and sinfully erotic' - Author Miranda Baker

'Stunning. One of the best novels I have ever read. I am simply in awe and feeling richer for the experience.' - Good Reads Reviewer on The Siren

'This book made me feel everything.' - Author Courtney Milan on The Siren

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4 of 5 stars

Nora plays Scheherazade to save her life, and any other book, I’d look askance at the blatant excuse for flashbacks, but here, it’s not even close to a problem. Nora trusts Søren and Kingsley with her life; I’d trust Tiffany Reisz with mine. (Well, my book life, anyway.) (Probably my real one too, tbh.)

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