The Perfect Match by Maggie Dallen

The Perfect Match (Kissing the Enemy, #2)

by Maggie Dallen

The new guy at school was officially Kate's worst nightmare. And that was before he turned her world upside down with a mind-blowing kiss.

Kate's an introvert. Levis is...not. Some might say he's a loudmouthed jerk. Kate definitely would, especially since he seems determined to make her life miserable by putting her in the spotlight every chance he gets. His opportunities are endless now that she's babysitting his little brother, and when they're paired up together for an intramural scrimmage? Well, there's no hope of avoiding him now. She's stuck with him, for better or worse.

But after her nemesis turned teammate kisses her, Kate has a much bigger problem on her hands. Suddenly Levi's mockery seems more like teasing, and what she thought were attempts to humiliate her feel like the push she needs to overcome her fears. So really, the problem isn't that she's stuck with Levi as her's the fact that she might be falling for her worst enemy.

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This was really cute. Loved watching Kate slowly come out of her shell while Levi took a good look at himself. Little Bobby upped the cute quotient, and I was happy to see Levi's relationship with him take a turn for the better as well. The ending surpassed my expectations. I had no idea I would get that level of closure, so you know I was delighted. Super fun, super cute, and really hit the spot for me.


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