Hooray for a return to the Hollows and Rachel Morgan!

This series has long been my favorite urban fantasy series, and I was excited to see that Harrison decided to continue it after a 6 year hiatus. Here, Rachel's life has become both simpler (because she no longer has to hide that she's a demon) and more complicated (because she is a witch/demon in a relationship with an elf). She is working to get her life back in order and her church repaired, while Trent is working to bring the elves together and establish a successful co-parenting relationship with Ellasbeth. And then a giant monkey wrench in the form of something making people attack their partners in their sleep gets thrown into the works. But who is it targeting? Rachel? Al? Trent?

This book has all of your favorite characters (though not quite enough Ivy for my tastes) as well as a few new ones. And Rachel is given many opportunities to show how much she's grown, even as she struggles a bit to find where her new place in the world will be. I've always appreciated how deep the friendships in this series run, and how realistic they are.

The story ends on a bit of a downer, but it is ripe for continuation (oh please oh please oh please)! I can't recommend this series enough, but you should definitely start at the beginning.

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