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Secrets at Midnight was delicious, like a snack just the way you like it! I'm always in awe at how good Singh is at character development - even in her shorter stories, I get the full experience of fleshed out characters that entice me and keep me coming back for more!

Secrets at Midnight was just what I needed to hold me over until the next installment is released. Bastien was a great character, and I loved how confused he was about Kirby at the start... And how he went about to woo her even when he understood that she didn't really know herself as well as she could have. Even though this story is a novella, the character development was amazing, and I fell for both Bastien and Kirby. I really hope they'll both show up in future Psy-Changeling novels.

I love the universe in this series, and Secrets at Midnight showed me another aspect of it - as Kirby was a stranger, but welcomed into pack territory, I was able to see things with new eyes once more. And getting to know Lucas and the other panthers as if it was for the first time was a real treat that kept me happy throughout the whole story.

Written in third person point of view, past tense, and from both Kirby's and Bastien's perspectives, I felt like I got to know both of them very well. There are also plenty of dialogues, and some of my favorite characters in the series showed up more than once.

So Kirby didn't have the excuse of ignorance. But she didn't pull away, didn't tell Bastien to stop touching her. Because regardless of her worry at the ungovernable nature of her reactions, his big body beside her, the pressure of his hand, it felt good... better than anything had felt in a long, long time.

Her skin prickling with that strange, near-painful awareness, and her heart a throbbing drum, Kirby brushed her fingers over his jaw. 

Mercy patted her cheek, her leopard's laughter in her eyes.

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